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About Us


Jamie Mosley 

Jamie has been riding for 30 years and loves sharing her knowledge and experience with students. She has ridden in nearly every discipline, but has a passion for Dressage. All of her instruction is Dressage-based, but focused on her students' individual goals. She has two Arabian horses, who are both a part of the program. She has two children, who are often at the barn riding or playing with the animals. She also enjoys camping, riding ATVs, reading, cooking, and psychology, which she is currently studying.

Alycea Kalbfleish

Alycea is an instructor in training. Her family owns Neophyte Farms, and she is actively involved in riding, caring for the horses, and occasionally teaching. Her aunt and grandmother founded Neophyte Farms. She is carrying on their passion for riding and constantly learning.

Instructional Offerings

 Neophyte Farms teaches horsemanship above all else. From grooming and riding to feeding and healthcare, we focus on the relationship between human and horse. We teach riders how to effectively communicate with horses to develop a working relationship built on trust, compassion and teamwork. We offer lessons in Western (pleasure, trail) and English (pleasure, jumping, Dressage). We offer students the option of showing once they have become competent riders. 

Our focus is on beginning students, teaching them to be kind and gentle, but effective riders. We begin with exercises to develop the proper technique of the rider, known as equitation. We help students to build strength and confidence in the saddle while improving their skills. 

Our Mission

Embrace the open heart of a beginner for we are constant students.

By definition, a neophyte (pronounced nee-uh-fahyt)  is a beginner or novice.


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We offer a variety of services including lessons, camps, birthday parties, playdays, and other events.  For more information, see the files below.  

We offer traditional lessons as well as 

some fun alternative options:  


SIBLING lessons and 

OPEN RIDING days for our students on school holidays

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